Choose the Right Timber Flooring Perth

Posted on 18 January, 2016  in Flooring

Choosing to install the right Timber flooring in Perth – requires lot of detailing and homework. Before installing, it is necessary to know your surface on which you have to lay the wood. Some floor surface like ceramic flooring might require levelling to make proper structured sub floor. Similarly installing timber flooring is not recommended in bathroom as there is moisture content. There are lots of products to choose from while doing sub floor. Such as tongue and groove board can be laid over bearer and joists. You can also use solid overlay board to be laid over existing floor. Ventilation is other key issue to be addressed. In order to prevent the timber floor from damaging, sub floor should be properly ventilated. Consider your room traffic and select your wood accordingly. Timber flooring can be very expensive, so do your research accordingly and stick to your budget while selecting materials.